Florida Beaches: Discover the Beauty, Uncover The Fun

When planning a trip to Florida, a visit to the beach is a must. However, there are a lot of beaches to choose from, and only so much time to visit all the sandy meccas that define the Sunshine State.

In order to pick the ideal waterfront destination, you first should take a look at the individual drawing points, attractions and geographic characteristics of each beach; whether it’s a popular tourist mecca or a secluded seaside retreat.

When people think of Florida beaches, the first thing that seems to come to mind is Miami Beach; a center of both cultural and recreational activities. From swimming to sports, shopping to socializing, there’s always something to do in Miami. This beach is considered one of the world’s best.

Of course some people prefer the party beaches, especially members of the younger set. If you’re one of those partying young people, you may wish to consider the famously fun Miami Beach, a cultural and recreational mecca as well as “the beach that never sleeps.”

A legendary lighthouse and luxury resorts are some of the main drawing points of Sanibel Island, also known for its vibrantly colored seashells and beautiful sunsets. Although not the best known Florida beach, it has been known for years as a family getaway. Throughout the country, people often share stories about childhood vacations spent at Sanibel.

Also known as a prime party place is Fort Lauderdale Beach, where spring breakers take advantage of parties and recreation parks. Members of the older set might prefer a walk along lush golden sands and through nearby parks.

Both adults and kids flock to Panama City Beach, situated on the north coast of Florida. People of all ages can discover many activities custom made for them. Adults visit beach bars and beach side restaurants, while children and families frolic at various marine and family recreation parks.

Or we could slow down a bit and consider Hudson Beach, one of the few beaches in central Florida. Boasting classic beach houses scenically situated on miles of bronzed sand, Hudson Beach is the ideal spot for surfing, shopping, sailing and finding that perfect seashell (if, indeed, such an object exists). Plus it’s located within convenient proximity to restaurants, a community theater and other attractions.

The name Sanibel Island might not conjure images of spring break fun. Even so, this place is known for its luxurious resorts and a landmark lighthouse people drive miles to see. For years, families have traveled far and wide to make vacation memories at Sanibel Island beach.

Pure ivory sands distinguish Clearwater Beach, known for its day cruises, aquarium, and aqua sports. Although not one of the better known beaches in Florida, Clearwater Beach is custom made for ideal family vacations. It also is known for its shopping opportunities, and its proximity to theaters, restaurants and other attractions.

One of the few true beaches in the area of central Florida, Hudson Beach is known for its classic beach houses, activities like surfing, shelling and sailing, and miles of lush sands. Plus the beach is just a stone’s throw away from a community theater, numerous restaurants and other attractions.

So there are your choices; pick your beach and get to planning your Florida vacation. The surf and sand await you!