Scuba Diving- Best Outdoor Recreation

During the scorching summer season it can be tortourous to be outdoors to be involved in a sport. But what if its a water sport? ‘Water Sports’ are fun, relaxing and also an enjoyable way to exercise. There are many water sports for enthusiastic water babies, like – snorkelling, free-diving, surfing, wakeboarding, etc. But Scuba Diving is one such sport which is catching attention of many water sport enthusiasts. Its full form is ‘Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus’, and it is a form of underwater diving in which a diver uses a scuba set to breath underwater for recreation, commercial or industrial reasons. There is an all together another world inside the oceans , which is mysteriously beautiful, magical, magnificent and awe inspiring and the way to explore the secrets it holds, is Scuba Diving. If you are someone who enjoys swimming, exploring and has an adventurous side to you , then you will surely enjoy this sport.

To be a scuba diver you need to be in good physical health and you must be trained and certified in scuba, to do it in open waters. There are many training facilities available in cities and also online, which offers professional training in Scuba. Its instructions are first given in an indoor pool in a controlled environment, in order to make your body adapt the changing pressure under the water and also to teach Breath Control Exercises. But even before this, first you are given extensive classroom instructions to make you familiar with the concepts and precautions to be taken once inside the water. You also need to appear for a written exam , once the classrooms lessons are over. This is to judge whether your basics and concepts are clear or not. Once in the indoor pool, the instructure then teaches you to convert the theory lessons into practical lessons and allows you to practice techniques of scuba. This is carried on for few days, till the time the instructor is satisfied with your performance and is sure about your safety once in the open waters. Divers can be professionally employed to perform ‘Civil Engineering’ tasks like underwater welding and oil exploration or can be employed to perform ‘Marine Activities’ tasks like naval diving. And for pleasure you can even go for a Scuba Diving Vaccation and try your hand at cave diving, ice diving and deep diving with your loved ones. There are many travelling companies and online companies which offer such vaccations. And one of the best and popular location to go on such a vaccation with your family or friends, is the Caribbean. Caribbean is known and popular for its good underwater visibility, warm underwater temprature and abundance of marine life and marine beauty, which forms a breathless view for the spactators. There are other good locations for the same – Acapulco and Florida Keys, where you can even get a one-day crash course.