Definitely it’s a great idea to spend an off day with all your family visiting Zoo where you and your kids together will enjoy with getting up close with zoo’s animals. Watching tigers, eagles, parrots, monkeys and other animals can be an enriching experience for your kids. They can learn about how animals behave, where they come from, their eating habits, sounds they make and more very interesting things. They can make comparisons between different animals, between adult and baby animals and animals within the same family.

Don’t forget to observe zoo manners. Teach your kids what they must not do at the zoo (e.g. no littering, do not climb over the fences, do not provoke the animals, etc.).

Make sure you got your camera, because these photos are not to be missed.

Usually a zoo offers a variety of educational tours and events throughout the year and private tours by your wish. These tours give you the unique opportunity for an up close, behind the scenes look at some of the most unusual and wonderful wild creatures that call the zoo their home. If you want a chance to actually feed some of the animals in their own habitat, then a photo caravan safari is what you want to participate in.

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